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January 29, 2014.
135 new photos added on the website photo gallery.
• Nebulae: 21 photo
• Solar System: 6 photo
• Nightscapes: 57 photo
• Startrails: 9 photo
• Atmospheric Optics: 16 photo
• Panorama: 26 photo
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My name is Munzlinger Attila. I would like to consider myself an astrophotographer. I live in the village Lăzarea, situated on the edge of Transylvania, in the middle of Romania. In the daytime I work as the doctor of the community.
When the night falls, I go out to admire the starry sky and the nightly landscape. Fascinated by the celestial and terrestrial lights of the night, I am trying to immortalize them, maybe there will be others who find his joy to watch it.

During these night hours, spent beneath the stars I am always finding the eternal medicine: peace and harmony.

• May 2011 – Egyéni asztrofotó kiállítás Csíkszeredában
• June 2011 – Tájfotó kiállítás Gyergyóban, Gyergyói Fotóklub
• December 2011 – Az élet vize kiállítás Gyergyóban, Gyergyói Fotóklub
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Dr. Munzlinger Attila
family doctor
Monday: 12-17
Tuesday: 8-13
Wednesday: 10-15
Thursday: 8-13
Friday: 8-13
Rendelési programon kívül, éjszaka, hétvégén és ünnepnapokon lakásomon tessék keresni: Gyergyó-
szárhegy 1283 szám (a hátsó udvarban).
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Lăzarea Nr. 1283
Harghita county
Zip code: 537135
Telefon: 0266-352.739
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